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maze-mania is a top down maze game like any other; reach the end of the maze, except with one big difference the character doesn't like cats well actually is allergic to them. this means the character must avoid the cats by any means necessary. Unfortunately there are also no weapons or tools that can be used to get rid of the cats so its just run and hope they don't get you. lastly, you cant just wait where you spawn and hope they will go away either because these enemies come to find you so as soon as you spawn you best get running.

the controls of maze-mania are very simple, W for forward, A for left, S for down and D for right. that's it use these to traverse the level.

the character is a female (unnamed) is lost in the maze, unfortunatly this maze is filled with cats which is a problem for those who are allergic to them

Published Jan 02, 2015
StatusIn development